How Reset TP-Link Router Password

How Reset TP-Link Router Password

TP-Link is the company which produces router named as TP-Link router. It has many models and most people do use it. Simply it is used for the wireless connections.Sometime, you may go with problem of forgetting the password and this it is about the router password.You can reset your password of the router if you go through with this problem.The steps involved to Reset TP-Link Router Password are mentioned below.

To Reset TP-Link Router Password, you can follow these steps:

Reset TP-Link Router Password

  1. So first, you need to make sure that your router is turned on and working properly. Then as you check that, you need to take your router and see in the back side of router. There you will see the “Reset button or a small hole.
  2. In latest or newest router, you will see the hole. So, you might need a pin like paperclip that is thin. Because you need to press that button and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds or even more. This will make your router automatically reboots when it resets.
  3. Wait approximately one minute or even more until the router restarts. And the after the restarts complete, you router will be in the default setting like new. Then you need to go in the browser form the LAN connection and enter the default IP address of the particular router.
  4. If the router model is different like ADSL and DSL then the IP address may vary like “” or “”. Then after that, you will need to login with the default login details that will be “admin” in lowercased letters for the both username and password.

After to make the wireless secure, you can add up the password and you should remember t to connect to router through wireless.

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