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How to Reset Facebook Messenger Password

Facebook messenger is the app create by Facebook. This is the messaging app for the Facebook. Messenger app is necessary for the Facebook to send message and chat but Facebook is not necessary to use Facebook Messenger. A person can create a Facebook Messenger account to chat with person they like. You have different security for it. So, you may forgot your password for logging in. In those cases, you can reset a Facebook Messenger password to recover your account.
reset Facebook messenger password

To reset Facebook Messenger password of your account, you can follow these steps:

  1. First open your Facebook Messenger app. The app can be opened by clicking on its icon. After you open the app, you get to choose to login and sign up. You need to tap on the login text. You will get login as Facebook account also. You shall not tap on it.
  2. You need to tap on the login text. Then you will get the login fill up tabs. There you need to tap on the “Forgot Password ?” text below the login button. There you will get to enter your email address in the respective blank.
  3. Then after typing it, you need to click on the “Continue” button. Then after that you need to check your email address for the link with the reset process. The mail will have the link where you need to tap the link to open the reset screen.
  4. Then tap on link will open a screen where you need to enter a new password. The new password should be strong enough and remembered by you. You need to re-type your new password in the second blank as well. This for confirmation and verification. And you need to save the changes by tapping on the button.

After you need to re login with your new password and remember the new password for next login. It is not necessary to sign out if the mobile phone is your personal.