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ZixMail is one of those mails where you will need to buy the app for your desktop. If you want to try this before buying it then you can do it as well. You can request a trail period of that account. ZixMail provides end to end email encryption for easy assessment. In case you have account already but don’t know the login password then you can reset your password to recover your account.

To reset your password of ZixMail, then you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you can go from the login page as well. You can open the login page by searching on search engine like Google. As you open the login page of ZixMail, you can see the login tab and that is obvious.
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  2. Then scrolling down form the login tab by ignoring the blanks, you will see the “Forgot your password?” text and a “Reset” button beside the text. You will need to click on that button to open the recovery page.
  3. In the recover page, you will get some blanks that you need to fill. So, first of all, you need to fill the first blank with your email address. Email address of your account.
  4. Then in second blank, you will need to enter a new password. You shall choose a strong password. While creating password you need to mind some of the rules that allows in password. The rules are mentioned after these steps.
  5. Then you will need to re-enter the new password for the verification and confirmation. After filling all the blanks with respective data, you need to click on the Reset button that is provided in bottom right of the blanks.

After that your password will be reset and you can sign in using your new password every time until changed for next time. The rules that you need to follow while making password are:

  1. The password should have at least 4 character in length.
  2. Your password should contain both alphabetic and numeric characters.
  3. Your password should contain both uppercase and lowercase characters.
  4. Your password should contain at least one special character like: ~! @#$%^&*.
  5. Your password should not be match with the email address that you have provided.

Make sure that from above points except 1 and 5, from 2, 3 and 4, any 2 should be followed.

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