How to Reset Spotify Password

Spotify is the online internet website where you can sign up for free and listen to any music you want. You can have access to millions of songs with this online service. You can even download the songs you want to hear it every time even with no internet. When it comes to remembering password of many accounts, a particular person would simply fail. So, in that case Spotify has given the feature of recovering your account by resetting the password. You just have to follow some simple ways to Reset Spotify Password.

To Reset  Spotify  password of your account, you can simply follow these steps:

  1. First you need to open your browser. There you can open any search engine that is familiar to you. Google is the most popular search engine and you can access that.
  2. You can search on google for the Spotify login page or for the direct link to reset page. You will get that but can make you confuse so you can go with this to open the home page of Spotify. In that page at top right corner, you will see login ad sign up buttons.You need to enter to the login page.
    Reset Spotify Password Account
  3. You can enter login page, from this also. In the login page, you will see a long text “Forgot your username or password?” in green color below the login button which is internal link.
    Reset Spotify Password Login
  4. You can click on that text or go with link. In that page, you will see a blank space where you will need to enter your email address or username respectively. Then you need to click on the “Send” button after typing username or email address. By clicking on that button, you will receive a mail to your email address.
    Reset Spotify Password Recovery
  5. You need to check that mail for the reset link. In the mail, you need to click on the link and a page will open. In that page, you can enter a new password.You should choose a strong password that cannot be guessed easily and should be remember by you.
  6. You will need to enter your new password twice for the confirmation and verification. After all, you need to save the changes and continue logging in.

After you will accessible and remember to sign out from the device after finish using it. Hope that this will help you Reset your Spotify Password.

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