Reset password is also known as My Naukri. Naukri means job in Hindi. It is basically an Indian app that allows a person to create an account and search for a job. It is very similar to popular LinkedIn site. You can use same account every time when you need to find a job. One account for one particular person who signs up.

In case, you forgot your login password of account then you can reset your password to recover your account. For, recovering account, you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you need to open browser in your PC. Then you need to open a search engine like Google will be best. In search engine, you need to search for password reset.
  2. You will find various results with links from which you need to open the genuine one. Or you can start from the login page. In the login page, you need to click on “Forgot Password?” text colored in blue which is internal link. By clicking on this will open the reset page.
    Reset password
  3. In first page of the recovery page, you can choose between Username and Email ID for resetting password. So, as you choose particular option, you need to enter the particular detail i.e. Email ID or Username and then you need to click on the “Submit” button.
  4. In next page, you will be showed that an email is sent to your email address that you the account belongs. Then you need to check your email address for the mail.
  5. So, in mail, you will get the link to reset page. As you enter the reset page, you have to input your new password twice. Second time you enter, it will be for confirmation verifying. Then you need to save the changes and continue by clicking on “Set New Password”.
  6. At last, you will get an updated message that, you have successfully changed your password. Now you will be able to sign in with new password.

You should remember the new password for next logins and you should also remember to sign out before leaving the device or each and every logins.

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