Password Reset is an online dating service over the internet which can be used through computer browsers. Here you can make an account for dating people from different area and chat with them. In case, you like someone then you can contact and connect much better way. You made this account already but can’t sign because you forgot the password then you can recover. Forgetting is normal for human bodies and the makers/ owners know it and they have given the recovering option.

To recover your account by resetting your password, then you can follow these steps to recover:

  1. You can open your browser on your PC.There you can open google or other search engine. To open google you can click on this link because google is most popular and familiar.In google, you can search for where you will find various results with links.
  2. Or you can click on this link to open the login page. You will find a text below the password blank written “Forgot your password?” in blue color. Blue color text is internal link in the most websites. Password Reset
  3. You need to click on that text and you will be enter to the reset page. Or you can click on this link to open the same reset page.
  4. In that page, you will get a blank space where you need to enter your Match account email. Email address that you have used for signing up.After entering the email address you need to click on “Send Email” button and continue forward.
  5. You need to check your email address for the mail with instruction.And you will need to follow those instruction.In your email address, you will get a mail with “Reset Password” button.You will need to click on that button and you will open a next tab.
  6. In next tab/ page, you will get two blank space and a button.In the blank space you need to enter your new password.You should choose a strong password and should be remembered by you everytime. You shall enter your new password twice by re-typing.
  7. Second time you enter, it will be for confirmation that you have typed the password same or not.Then after that, you need to click on “Reset Password” button and continue.

Then you will need to sign in again with your new password. You will need to type new password every time you login. You also need to sign out before leaving the device or finishing using your account for the time.

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      PLease follow the steps to reset your password, if you are having login problems!!


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