AOL Reset Password

AOL is an internet portal which is a business enterprise referred as AOL Inc. and was known as America Online. It gives a service of dial-up to tens of millions of American citizens with other services like email, messaging, and also an internet browser. Sometimes users may forgot the password to login their account of AOL and they need to reset it. You can now easily do AOL Reset Password without security question and phone number.

For AOL Reset Password form the computer browser, you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you need to open your web browser and open a search engine which is familiar to you. You can open Google in it because it is most popular search engine. In search engine, you can search for AOL recover page directly.
  2. There you will find numerous results, form which you need to open the genuine link. You can simply go from the login page. For that you need to open the login page, and there you will see the text “Forgot password?” below the password writing blank.
    AOL Reset Password
  3. The text is colored in blue and is an internal link. By clicking on that you will open the recovery password page. There you will get a blank where need to enter your AOL Username or Email address and then you need to click on “Next” button to continue. After that it will attempt to verify if you are the owner of account or not.
  4. To verify, you can choose the option. And options are: using recovery email, text or call, another verification option or verifying payment information. You can choose any one of them. But you don’t have access with anything except email address then you can choose the recovery email.
  5. Then you need to click on “next” button and a mail will be sent to your recovery email address. So, you need to check for the link in your recovery email address. In the mail, you need to click on ‘Reset Password” and you will open a new page, where your can enter your new password.
  6. You shall create a strong new password which is memorable to you and can’t be guessed by others easily. You might need to re-type the same new password in another blank. After you enter required details you need to click on “Save” button.

It is easy when its text or call option but in case, you don’t have access to these then you can go for recovery email. You will get to enter new password at last in all option, sign in with your new password in any device and need to remember the new password for next logins. You also need to remember to sign out in every logins.

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