Uber Password Reset

Uber is located in San Francisco, California which is one of the peer to peer ride sharing, taxi cab, food delivery and transportation Network Company.

The following are the steps for Uber Password Password which is mentioned below:

  • At first you need to open a browser and then you need to take the help of any search engine and the search for the Uber account reset then you will get so many link which are related to it.
  • Or you can directly go to https://auth.uber.com/login/forgot-password this link for the reset page of it.
    Uber Password Reset
  • After that there you can see a text of “Forgot password” in the top left side of your screen and below that there you can see “Enter your email” along with its blank text box in it as well as you can see “Next” button whose background color is blue and the text are written in a white color.
  • Now in the blank text box of email there you need to write your email which is registered in it.
  • After entering your email now you need to click in the “Next” button or the further processing of a reset password of it and after that now you will be sent a mail to your registered email of it.
  • Now you will receive a mail to your email address which you just wrote and you need to check that mail to get the reset link. You need to click on the “Uber password reset link” and if in case you didn’t see this link then you need to look in your spam or junk folder.
  • After that you need to click in the “Reset your password” link which you received from Uber and a new page will be open in your screen.
  • In that page, you need to write a new password and a password which you wrote must be strong password which cannot be guessed easily by others but should remember by yourself.
  • Again you need to enter your new password for the confirmation and verification. After all the process, you need to save the changes by clicking in the button of “Save” and continue logging in.

How to Reset and Change Twitter Password

Password is the basic security for any account. Twitter has it as same basic security. You can change this security password at any time you want for making it more secure. In case, you forgot then you can also reset it with a new password.

To change your Twitter password, first you need to login. To login, you can follow these steps:

  1. First you need to open your browser in your computer. There you can open google or other search engine. You can click on this https://www.google.com/ link to open google. With the help of, you can search for twitter login where you can get so many links that are linked it with.
  2. You can go with this https://twitter.com/ link by copying or clicking on itself. In the home page of twitter, you will see two tabs and other text and images things. You need to fill the upper tab with two blanks in order to login. The lower tab is for signing up.
  3. You need to enter you email or phone number or username in the first blank and password in the second blank respectively as it has asked. Then you need to click on “Login” button to sign in.

To change your Twitter password after finish logging in, you can follow these steps:

  1. From the home page, you need to click on the “Profile and Setting” at top right corner with other two buttons. It is the middle icon with your profile photo. After you click on that, you will get drop down option where you need to click on the “Setting and Privacy” option.
  2. A page will open where you will see many other sections and functions with password changing option. For that, you need to click on the Password section where you will get the password changing blanks on the middle of the page.
  3. There you need to enter your current password in the first blank and new password to create on the second blank respectively. The third blank is to re-enter the new password for the confirmation and verification.
  4. After filling all the blanks with respective detail, you need to click on the “Save Changes” button. After clicking on that, in next page you will get a text “Woo hoo! Your password has been changed!” and then you can continue with your new password for next login.

In case, you forgot the password and you need to recover then you can Reset Twitter Password. For that, you can follow these steps:

  1. From the login page, you can click on the text “Forgot password?” which is in blue color and can be found below the password writing blank inside the login tab. the text itself is internal link so it will open the reset page by clicking on it.
  2. Or you can go with this https://twitter.com/account/begin_password_reset link as well. In the first page, you need to find your twitter account by typing your email address or phone number or username in the respective blank and clicking on the “Search” button.
    Reset and Change Twitter Password
  3. After you find your account, you need to start resetting by ticking on something to associate with reset. If you use the same email than you can choose email option where they will send you link to reset.
  4. Then you need to continue and check your email address for the link. After you click on received link then it will open to reset password zone. There you need to enter your new password. You should choose a strong password but it should be easy to remember for you.
  5. And extra blank space where you need to re-type your new password to verify and confirmation.
  6. After that you can continue to twitter by clicking on “Continue to Twitter” internal link. Before continuing you can add your phone number if you haven’t added it before.
  7. After that you can try logging in with your new password and you will be successful to reset and login with your new password. You should remember the new password for other logins. You also need to remember to sign out after finish using it or lending it to someone.

In this way you can Reset and Change Twitter Password of your account.